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Boogie Horror Expo 2017



BOOGIE HORROR EXPO™ 2017 is the first event of its kind showcasing Horror, Sci-fi, Fashion, Music, Photography, Animation, Film, Indigenous, and Anime that exclusively celebrates 100% Canadian-wide content and supports locally-sourced creators. 

We will be showcasing up to 50 contributing artists for the entire two day exhibition including guest artists, guest appearances, workshops, comic books, animation, film, and japanese anime starting on Friday. The follow up of the highly anticipated Boogie Horror Exhibition will kick off our day two with a massive Pre Halloween costume dance party on Saturday night, the Studio 54 of horror parties that is amping to become the biggest thriller night in Little Italy!
Special performances by Red Handed Denial, Arbors Lane, Chris Robinson (Just For Laughs) and much more as we continue to announce more of our guests and performers!
Awesome giveaways, wild and amazing contests! A one-of-a-kind event that doesn't stop!
$15 @ Door TICKETS

Contact us at for more information.